Recycled stirling silver rings for men and women. Past customers have purchased these as wedding bands or for every day wear. They're popular with lovers of nature and those with an affinity for particular plants, birds and environments. Various sizes, widths, pattern definitions and band thicknesses are available - some ideas are shown here including leaf, feather and insect wing prints. The leaves, wings and feathers are destroyed in the process of making the jewellery (not cast), so you can be sure that each ring is unique. Some designs (especially those featuring insect wings) are dependent on the availability of found natural materials. No live insects or birds are harmed in any way - only found, deceased insects and naturally shed feathers and leaves are used. Price approximately $140 for rings in stock - (custom orders are more due to sourcing of materials, sizing, etc. but generally less than $200 for sterling silver). Please get in touch to discuss sizes and print designs in stock or your custom requirements. I love making these featuring botanicals etc from your place of significance. 

Nature print patterned rings - various