With my books, I strive to produce quality children's literature which increases their understanding of the natural world and of themselves, is fun to read and makes a quality gift for a special child. The boobook owl at the centre of 'The Boobook's Nook" relies on her nocturnal friends to help find her way home. The book acknowledges the importance of having a safe place whilst encouraging kids to think about the dark in a different way. Rather than the dark as a great, scary unknown, Sonia paints (literally) the night time as a place of wonder and activity, full of interesting creatures. The book introduces kids to some of Australia's unusual nocturnal animals, so that rather than imagining boogie men, they come to realise there's "friends out in the dark." Again, in rhyming verse to assist with language development, fans of "Tazzie The Turbo Chook Finds Her Feet" won't be disappointed. 

The Boobook's Nook

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